Tommaso joined Keiki Day care when he was just 5 mo. He was the youngest child in the baby room and when he started he could not crawl, sit or eat any solid food yet. The staff took excellent care of him, trying to involve him in all baby room activities, but also giving him the extra care and attention a young baby needs (extra naps, bottles feeding etc).

Tommaso has enjoyed (and keeps enjoying) his time at Keiki: he is always excited to go in in the mornings and he is happy and in a good mood when we pick him up.

The staff at the nursery helped a lot with Tommaso’s developmental milestones: weaning went smoothly and he learned to eat a large variety of food from very early on thanks to the nursery menu; they also did a great job teaching him how to feed himself and to relate with other children. Overall, we are very happy with Keiki and we highly recommend it!