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How is Keiki Day Care structured?
Keiki has been designed over 6 rooms in an Edwardian house. We have two Baby Rooms, two rooms for 2-3 year olds and two Pre-School rooms for children aged 3-5 All of our rooms are named after Hawaiian flowers.

Do you have ‘settling in’ sessions?
Yes, we have three settling in sessions. These are normally the week before your child begins at Keiki. Please speak to our nursery manager for specific details relating to your child.

Does Keiki supply milk and nappies?
We supply your child with fresh, organic, cow’s milk and soya milk, which is available throughout the day. However, parents are asked to supply formula milk along with nappies and wipes for their child.

Do you offer extra-curricular activities?
We feel this is an important part of your child’s development, so we offer a variety of activities. These range from dance and drama sessions to animal handling workshops. All of our activities are age- appropriate.

Are you allowed to give medicine?
We are only are permitted to administer teething solutions and prescribed medications from a GP or medical professional. We are unable to administer other medicines without written consent from a doctor.

How are your meals prepared?
Our meals are freshly prepared on the premises each day by our experienced Chef.

What if I think of any other questions?
We’re always happy to answer your questions. Emailing our nursery manager to is the best way to get a quick answer. Or you can call them on 020 8340 3841.