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What We DoYour Child From 2-3

Your Child From 2-3

At this time in their life, your child needs a careful balance between energetic activity and having quieter, calmer moments. They’re learning more about themselves and about socialising with other children. Our two 2-3 Year Old Rooms are designed with that balance in mind.

The Orchid Room is planned out with seven distinct areas, to encourage and stimulate your child’s curiosity and exploration.

Our second room links to the first and expands into the outdoor area. It provides a relaxed space where your child can play and learn at a pace that suits them.

As your child gains more fine motor skills, we encourage their creativity and help them get to grips with toilet training, getting dressed and feeding themselves. Literacy and language are also developing at this stage and we support this with story books and encouraging conversation with adults and other children.

Throughout this time, we help your child build their self-esteem, balanced with a respect for others.

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