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What We DoYour Child From 3-5

Your Child From 3-5

Your child is growing up fast. This is the time they develop a strong sense of their own identity and prepare for their next important step to ‘big school’.

Our Kukui Pre-School Room is designed to give your child the confidence and skills for that transition, with ICT and Arts & Crafts areas designed to give them a ‘big school’ experience.

We support your child’s literacy and numeracy and help to expand their vocabulary as their sentences become more complex. We also help them to develop their social skills through playing games with other children, interacting, sharing and stimulating their imagination.

We’re here for them, and for you, to make their graduation from Keiki as easy and fun as we can. We’re here to ensure they’re emotionally and academically equipped to make that next exciting step in their life.

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