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Keiki Day CareWhy Choose Keiki

How do we help your child?

We know that, sometimes, it’s not easy trusting the care of your child to someone else. It’s a very big step in your child’s life and in yours too. That’s why we do our very best to make that step as worry-free and uncomplicated for you both as we can.
Why Choose Keiki Day CAre
To us, your child is an individual, learning and developing at their own pace, with needs particular to them. Keiki is somewhere safe and nurturing where they can take those first important steps in their development: walking; toilet training; talking; counting. At Keiki they’ll be supported by highly trained staff who really care how your child is progressing.

Of course, no-one knows your child better than you and, throughout their time at Keiki Day Care, we will keep you fully included and aware of every stage of your child’s development.

Like you, we want your child to be happy and safe – but stimulated. We want them to be encouraged to be independent while given the opportunity to learn to a high standard – in a loving and structured environment. We want your child to have the tools to deal with all the big steps they’ll take in their life.

So why should you choose us?

We’ve listed the reasons below:

  • The team hold relevant qualifications and are highly trained and experienced in child care.
  • The days are filled with stimulating and exciting activities, encouraging your child’s development.
  • There are organised routines and a clear structure to every day.
  • We offer fresh, healthy and home-made food and hold a 5* food hygiene rating.
  • In addition, individual dietary requirements are catered for.
  • We help children to understand friendships, feelings, cultures and lifestyles of others.
  • We take security seriously holding biometric access finger control systems and CCTV cameras.
  • We offer a range of extra curricular activities.
  • Our children can always be heard laughing and are happy here at Keiki Day Care.
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Baby playing

Give your child the best start to learning Child Development