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What We DoYour Child From 0-2

Your Child From 0-2

From the moment they’re born, your child is learning. Every sound, colour and touch helps them to create their awareness of the world around them. Between birth and two years old is when you child develops more than at any other time in their lives. Throughout that time we support your child emotionally and physically with sensitivity to their needs.

We have two Baby Rooms, each designed to look after your child at different stages of their development.

Maui Baby Room, for babies 3 to 16 months old, has a soft play area, cots and a cosy book corner, where they can listen to song or story time.

Hibiscus Baby Room 2, for children from 16 months to 2 years old, is designed for free-play and caters to the energy levels of growing toddlers.

As your child gains physical dexterity and mobility, we help them to safely explore their world. We’re right here to help your child progress, step by step.

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